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24.02.23 // 19.30 h
Theater Oberhau
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26.02.  18.00 h
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FASTER questioning the limits of time and our use of it. Time is an inexhaustible and yet non-renewable energy.

We live with time which is endless, but when the time of the end comes for us what do we become?  The sum of ourselves, facing the inevitable? To live is to die, but when the alarm sounds without being announced, what do we do with the time we have left? Should we run towards the precipice or slow down to enjoy the landscape? Should we cling to the group or live our true self and take out what we have always kept inside ourselves?


FASTER is the answer to the emergency, alone or in a group, of who we are. We are one and many. We are the sum of the time that passes, that accelerates and presses us to materialize the emergency. FASTER is the demonstration that time is like a mirror. It reveals in the light what will happen in the dark. When there is no other possibility than to be true. FASTER is an ode to the plurality of styles, personalities, our states when suddenly the time becomes this storm that whatever happens will strike.

Choreography Jimmy Vairon Dance Gelya Andryushyna, Stefan Stiller, Melena Tortoh, Vasiliki Papapostolou, Mohamed Ali Cherif, Touaa Mounir Composition & Music Kilian Unger, Wilbert Pepper Stage  Aaron Startmann, Ursula Meyer
Künstlerische Leitung
Zekai Fenerci


A Production by Renegade in Cooperation with Theater Oberhausen

Funded by the Ministry for Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia as a part of the program "Neue Künste Ruhr" 

 back to the roots 


Spieltermine 23 tba

Break legend Niels "Storm" Robitzky goes on a journey through time with 6 international dancers from different urban styles and catapults the audience directly into the Golden Age of Hip Hop.

Dance:  Joëlle Karfich, Naomi Karfich, Solomon Quaynoo, Jacqueline Neuenhausen, Rymon Zacharei, Christian  Zacharas

pottporus presents

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01.04.23 // 19.30 h
Flottmann-Hallen Herne

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Le Bal des Masques

In Le Bal des Masques Willie Stark wants to take the opportunity to align body movements in a performance and visual art installation to address the topics of injustice and systemic violence in women’s lives. The work deals with the need of masquerading oneself to survive the complexities of power dynamics in today’s society. 

Willie Stark, the celebrated interdisciplinary performing artist, accompanied by Fallon Mayanja, renowned sound artist and author explore the relationship between gender images and race.


Concept, Choreography, Performance, Installation: Willie Stark Music / Composition: Fallon Mayanja Outside Eye: Megha Patel, Assistant : Bibiana Leufgen, Technische Leitung: Martin Wiegner Costume: Jotjot Fashion, Willie Stark Light: Willie Stark

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