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des blancs dans la brume


A new production of Renegade

Five dancers on stage. A whistle. Then another. All of a sudden, there's many of them. Chain reaction. What are they doing there? You're still thinking that and already that strange moment has passed. Another try. Running, faster, even faster and then take-off, up the wall. Some fail, doesn't matter, again, try no matter what. Once again. VR glasses. What are they seeing? Why don't I see it? Or do I?

The piece plays with perception, the small moments, strange images, irritations, expectations that are maybe not fulfilled, with laughter that turns into reflection. It's fun, it's easy and very deep, it's absurd and still pretty clear. Above all, it celebrates the strong characters of the dancers on stage. But who deals with something on stage? And who makes the rules of the game?


Born out of an idea in 2003 to found an ensemble of professional urban dancers, Renegade's success story began. Now, choreographer and co-founder Lorca Renoux and video artist Vladimir Cruells work on the 33rd production. They invited five very different dancers: Ambra Occhipinti, a choreographer and dancer from Sicily and dancers and performers David Voigt (GER), Nils Löfke (GER) and Martin Klukas (GER) and Jimmy Vairon aka the MacSpencer (FRA) of "Hä*Wie?!"-collective.

Concept Lorca Renoux und Vladimir Cruells Performance Martin Klukas, Nils Löfke, Ambra Occhipinti, Jimmy Vairon, David Voigt Production assistance: Eva Pageix Light design Moritz Bütow Tecnical Support Baptiste Goulay Production management Anna-Lena Werner

A production of Pottporus e.V. / Renegade


Supported by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the city of Herne

Anker 1

Premier: November 5th, 2021 Flottmann-Hallen Herne

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