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PREMIERE 19.04.24  7.30 pm

26.04. / 08.05. / 28.06.24  7.30 pm

MC Messer is cool and ambitious, fighting his way through life without permission and work permit. His charisma is extraordinary, his demands high, his gang follows him unconditionally, and he has no fear. The threats of the Springmanns have little effect on him. However, Mr. and Mrs. Springmann have a lot of money from their successful company, power through created dependencies, and influence through their connections in politics and business. They want to do everything in their power to prevent their daughter Polly from getting involved with someone like MC Messer. A relentless battle for power, self-determination, and recognition unfolds.

Based on the motives "The Beggar's Opera" by John Gay, the second production of the Urban Arts Ensemble Ruhr creates an extraordinary piece about societal constraints, empowerment, and hope. With MC Messer, director Neco Çelik brings the adaptation into a present with recurring prejudiced narratives towards migrants and a world of clan crime, abuse of power, and absurd migration policy. It switches between the worlds of high culture and urban art, between popular music and opera, between dance theatre and hip-hop. Newly composed sounds, the powerful language of rap, the unconventional portrayal, and the powerful energy of the Urban Art Ensemble Ruhr also appeal to an audience that is rarely found in german theatres.

Director Neco Çelik has been staging plays, operas, and dance theatre since 2006. In 2011, his first opera directing work for Ludger Vollmer's "Head-On" based on Fatih Akin's film of the same name at the Young Opera Stuttgart was awarded with the German Theatre Prize "Faust" in the category music theatre.

Director: Neco Çelik
Choreographer: Eva Pageix
Choreographic collaborator: Jimmy Vairon
Composer & Musical Director: Michael Lohmann
Dramaturg: Matthias Faltz
Writers: Neco Çelik, Matthias Faltz, Marc Becker

Lighting Designer: Birk-André Hildebrandt
Costume Designer: Frederike Marsha Coors
Stage Designer: Alexander Wolf

Assistant Director: Rebecca Bednarzyk

Assistant Producer: Eva Pageix
Lighting Technician: Moritz Bütow

Dancers: Jonas Krämer, Maxim Kuznetsov, Tonia Kyriakou, Melena Tortoh, Leo Vara

Artistic Director: Zekai Fenerci
Assistant to the Artistic Director: Uta Graßhoff

Head of Production: Maryline Ogboko
Dramaturgy: Sebastian Bös
Press & Marketing: Steffen Korthals


Lyrics & Rap: Bush.ida, Shrimp Cake

Actors: Harun Raşit Çiftçi, Jennifer Ewert, Claudio Schulz-Keune
Live Music: Moritz Anthes (Trombone), Orest Filipov (Saxophone), Tabea Hörsch (Violoncello), Michael Lohmann (Electric Guitar, Samples), Fernando Messias Carvalho Lyra (Percussions)

Foto: Joshua Hoven / Grafikdesign: Daniel Bausch

This production is realized by the Urban Arts Ensemble Ruhr and Pottporus in cooperation with Theater Oberhausen.

Supported of the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-​Westphalia in the framework of "Neue Künste Ruhr" and the city of Herne.


Die Sparte Urban Arts am Theater Oberhausen wird gefördert im Rahmen des "Neue Wege" Förderprogramms "Kommunale Theater und Orchester in NRW"


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