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Pottporus e.V. has been awarding residencies to professional urban artists and collectives in the fields of dance, performance, choreography since 2020.

The research and work location is the production space for Urban Arts in the Flottmann-Hallen Herne.  The research-oriented residencies focus on the practical implementation of artistic ideas with choreographic and visual means.

Residency / February 2022

Tatjana Mahlke & Jule Steenbeck

Tatjana Mahlke & Hannah Juliane Steenbeck (Zookunft.Project)

How do we position ourselves in relation to a no, and what happens next? When is a no an obstacle, when a placeholder, when an end? "Out of no thing" was an exploration of forms and aspects of rejection as part of the residency from 07 - 19 February. When is this physically legible and when does it disappear? The two artists integrate the results of the research into their work with the collective Zookunft.Project.   

Tatjana Mahlke and Hannah Juliane Steenbeck studied at the Höhere Fachschule für Zeitgenössischen und Urbanen Bühnentanz in Zurich and have since been working in various projects in Germany and Switzerland from their base in Berlin. The focus of their choreographic and dance work is the fusion of urban styles such as hip hop, breaking, popping and house, as well as the exploration of contemporary dance and interdisciplinary approaches. You can also visit them on Instagram: Tatjana Mahlke / Jule Steenbeck