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Robozee vs Sacre


A short warm-up in the arena, a deep breath, waiting for the opponent, suddenly the music rushes through the room and hits the dancer with full force. The production "Robozee vs. Sacre" catches a new glance at the most legendary stage piece of all times: "Le sacre du printemps".


The world premier of the ballet in 1913 by composer Strawinksy and choreographer Nijinsky caused a manifest scandal - with its hastily changing rhythms instead of tender harmonies, stomping dancers instead of graceful Pointe - but it also marked the birth hour of modern dance. Over 200 choreographers have dealt with the piece ever since, unforgettable the version by Pina Bausch from 1975.


Choreografer and dancer Christian Zacharas tells a new "Sacre", a contemporary and urban version. In a extraordinary way, Zacharas clashes and melts, opposes and combines elements of different urban styles and the world-famous music and thereby deals with the renowned high culture piece on a whole new level.

Choreography & Dance: Christian ROBOZEE Zacharas Dramaturgy: Malou Airaudo Light design: Jens Piske Production: Zekai Fenerci Trailer: Leon Schirdewahn-Debring


World premiere: 01.04.2017 /Schauspielhaus Bochum

Guest performances: Mafuwe International Festival of Dance in Harare, Zimbabwe / tanz nrw 2019, tanzhaus nrw & Alte Feuerwache Köln / Hellerau Dresden / ZECHE 1 - Zentrum für urbane Kunst, Bochum /
Flottmann-Hallen Herne / Schritt_macher Festival – Generation2, Aachen


"[I] n the collaboration with the dramaturge Malou Airaudo, who had already worked with Pina Bausch at the Sacre, [Robozee] found structures that turned a good idea into a great work."


"At the end of the evening only one question remains: How will Christian“ Robozee ”Zacharas be able to top this work with a new piece? Unimaginable."

Michael S. Zerban, O-Ton - Kulturmagazin mit Charakter, 21.09.2020

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