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Wall along Berliner Straße, between Wanne-Eickel main station and Buschmannshof.

Under the title URBAN DISCOVERIES, Pottporus e.V. has invited eight well-known international and regional street artists to Wanne-Eickel: Ericailcane (ITA) &  Bastardilla  (COL), Steffen Mischke (D) & Gilbert Mazout (FR), Giza (D) & X/ZA (D), Ursula Meyer (D) & Jana-Lina Berkenbusch (D).


The result is a 150-meter work of art along Berliner Straße - and thus a unique open-air gallery that can be visited without opening hours or entrance fees.

Curator: R. Kaltenhäuser / unauthorizedartcritic

Project management: Cindy Jänicke
Videos: Young-Soo Chang / HerneMag


Thanks to the city of Herne, DB Immobilien and DB Netz.
Supported by the Fonds Soziokultur from the program NEUSTART KULTUR of the budget of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

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