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5 short choreographies for the public space

Urban dance forms, hip hop, street styles have arrived as part of the contemporary dance. The two successful companies Renegade and SILK Fluegge have been producing urban contemporary dance productions continuously for 20 and 10 years respectively. What has been missing so far are firm structures, continuous support and institutions, that bring urban dance further forward.

For "THE BIG 5", Pottporus/Renegade and SILK Fluegge have now joined forces and announced five international residencies - exclusively for choreographers with urban roots! From over 40 applications from all over the world, 5 choreographer teams were selected. Together with 10 dancers from the ensembles Renegade and SILK Fluegge, they have produced 5 short choreographies for the public space. Their inspiration? Famous works of classical ballet, which they deal with as urban choreographers in a contemporary context.


Choreography by Kirin España

Performance Elias Choi-Buttinger, Earle Garnette, Joëlle Karfich, Jerca Rožnik Novak


The club is the place where we meet, where people get to know each other, stage and enact. The production deals with interpersonal interaction. It focuses on the seduction of the other, the recognition and tenderness we crave and how we cross boundaries to get it. When you are young, you have to explore these boundaries, you cross borders - unconsciously, but also consciously. "Der Klub" explores the stages from harmless flirtation to the moment it tips over and turns into a threatening situation because you've let someone get too close. How do attraction and repulsion work? When does a point come where greed for recognition and love leads to loss of self and we no longer respect the boundaries of others?


Premiere 23.07.2022 at Kultursommer in Wien


Choreography by Miller de Nobili

Performance Joëlle Karfich, Weng-Tang Choi-Buttinger


The creation focuses on a journey made of childhood memories (combining the experiences of the performers) that have the innocent, cathartic power to let the audience dream for a better future. Stay aims to filter everyday life issues through the eyes of a child. The result is a surreal, utopian reality. 

Premiere 23.07.2022 at Kultursommer in Wien  


Choreography by Joy Alpuerto  Ritter

Performance: Elias Choi-Buttinger, Rocío Pez, Tomy-Lee Kneringer, Nam Tran Xuan


The dance of the four swans in the classical ballet "Schwanensee" was the original inspiration for this choreography, in which Joy Alpuerto Ritter works with different themes. She explores the strict synchronicity and discipline that is essential in classical dance with four urban dancers. How can the four individualists function in the group, what are their dependencies? How do the individuals come together, even if they remain true to their styles? So how can one remain true to oneself, realise oneself, if one has to function within a strict framework?

Premiere 10.09.2022 for the opening of the new season of Theater Oberhausen



Choreography by Jimmy Vairon

Performance: Siryel Chtioui, Gergely Dudás, Earle Garnette, Matej Kubus


OUROBOROS  is inspired by "Le prélude à l'après midi d'un faune", a symphonic poem by Debussy based on the poem "The Afternoon of a Faun" by Stéphane Mallarmés from 1865. Jimmy Vairon takes the mythological figures of the fauns as symbols of male youth, with unfiltered erotic desire and sexual lust. The male faun at the centre of the poem violently takes what he desires in a world between imagination and reality. Vairon explores these power structures with the dancers, placing a female dancer at the centre as the faun. He gives her the status of the superior figure. In the rehearsals it quickly became clear that the assigned status alone does not necessarily make it easier to assert it in a masculine and patriarchal environment. A tug-of-war begins.

Premiere 10.09.2022 at the opening of the new season of Theater Oberhausen



Choreography by Los Informalls

Performance Elias Choi Buttinger, Joëlle Karfich, Jerca Roznik Novak, Nam Tran Xuan


Nuts, cracks, palm trees, tropical feelings, movements, long legs, beauty, music, people doing things. The typical classic dance piece. Let's put it this way: The Nut and the Crack is a collision of four asteroids on stage, what happens after the collision only God knows. Come and see the disaster - that's what Los Informalls told us about their play, which was inspired by the classical ballet "The Nutcracker".

Premiere 10.09.2022 at the opening of the new season of Theater Oberhausen

THE BIG 5 is made possible by funding from Pottporus / Renegade as part of the project "Laboratory for Urban Dance" from the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the City of Herne, and for SILK Fluegge by support from the Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport Austria.

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