OPEN CALL "The Big 5"


Renegade / Pottporus eV (Germany) and SILK Fluegge (Austria) are looking for choreographers (international) for the project “The Big 5”.



Background // Renegade and SILK Fluegge are united by their (socio-) cultural and artistic background, both are performance and dance companies located in urban and industrial cities - Linz shaped by the blast furnaces of steel production and the Ruhr area by the mining conveyor systems. In addition, both collectives stand for a strong urban dance aesthetic that has arisen in the interplay of advancing urbanization and technical evolution.  //

Application // For the application we ask for a short description of your own work (maximum 1 A4 page) and another page with the naming of the chosen classic, a conceptual sketch for the implementation with the number of performers (maximum 1 A4 page). Links to previous work should be included in the self-presentation.


After an initial review, we invite selected choreographers to an application meeting. The productions are created in the Linz KLIScope by SILK Fluegge and in the Flottmann-Hallen in Herne by Pottporus eV

Applications by 01/30/22; 12:00 CET

The project // The closings of the cultural institutions in lockdown have inspired us to bring formats of contemporary urban dance, such as hip hop, back to where it originated - onto the streets and public spaces. Without a glorified look back, what urban / contemporary dance stands for today should be included. As a reference to the stage, the works should be comments or up-to-date answers to five great classical choreographies. Such as: “Le sacre du printemps”, “The Nutcracker” and “Swan Lake”, “Kontakthof”, “West Side Story”.

Prerequisites // We are looking for 4 choreographers with a clear connection to urban dance who develop a 10-20 minute choreography with 4-8 dancers in public space, interdisciplinary implementations are also desired. The interpretations of the individual choreographies can be openly interpreted. We provide a fee of 5,000 € (flat rate) for each choreopgrapher. The dancers come from the ensembles of SILK Fluegge and RENEGADE. The rehearsal period is May / June 2022 with premieres in July in Austria and in autumn in Germany.

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