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Hip hop and street art culture emerged as an autonomous movement from the streets of metropolitan areas. It is still the form of creative expression for the urban way of living. It is a subversive and direct art form that brings life and its circumstances of a pluralistic, diverse and post-migrant society into public discourse. Pottporus e.V. finds impulses in artistic work and develops new platforms for urban art as well as innovative concepts in the field of (inter-)cultural education and urban development.

 Production Space for Urban Arts 

The "Production Space for Urban Arts" in the Flottmann-Hallen Herne is the new platform for urban artists and a groundbreaking concept to develop the Ruhr metropolis into a hotspot for urban arts. Thanks to a state subsidy within the framework of the Neue Künste Ruhr, Pottporus e.V. has succeeded in creating an independent place with the production space to further develop and portray the urban arts in all their forms of expression. The production room is a laboratory, an open space and a creative workshop - exclusively for actors of the Urban Arts. The first residency programme for Urban Arts will start here towards the end of summer of 2020.

"Alter Wartesaal" (old waiting hall) in Herne train station

In 2008 Pottporus  opened  the old waiting hall as a place for graffiti and street art that is unique in many ways. Within the Urban Art Festival the Streetart Gallery InFusion, curated by 247, takes place in the hall every year. After reconstruction in 2017 the waiting room became an official venue, which Pottporus continues to use for 2-3 exhibitions per year. Furthermore, the waiting room will temporarily become the Museum for Visual Dissidence, a curatorial project by Robert Kaltenhäuser in cooperation with Pottporus e.V. and the Kulturbüro Herne. > Facebook-Profil

 Die AULA / Young urbane stage

Junges Pottporus is partner of the AULA at the secondary school Crange /Herne, which received its new profile as an urban district stage in 2013. With regular dance theatre projects, battles, workshops, festivals and youth camps, the Young Pottporus contributes significantly to the revival and establishment of AULA as a stage, platform and network for national and regional youth culture. Further cooperation partners of the AULA are the Theater Kohlenpott, the Youth Art School Wanne and the Gospel Project Herne.

Die AULA / Realschule Crange

 ZECHE 1 / Centre  for  Urban Art  (2015–2018) 

As a result of the cooperation with the Schauspielhaus Bochum Renegade in Residence, Pottporus was provided with the historic Waschkaue in Bochum's Prinz-Regent quarter in 2015 - with the aim of anchoring the potential of urban arts in the city. Pottporus is developing the concept of ZECHE 1 as a center for urban art - and took over its artistic direction. For three years, ZECHE 1 developed into an open production, rehearsal and performance venue for the dance company Renegade and other collectives, ensembles and performance groups as well as the center’s interdisciplinary partners such as the Folkwang University of the Arts, Ruhr University Bochum, Sports University Cologne, Bochum University of Applied Sciences and Zukunftsakademie NRW. With urban dance theatre, performances, workshops, debates and festivals, ZECHE 1 brings a broad audience to Bochum-Weitmar without any municipal funding. In 2018 the Schauspielhaus Bochum AöR took over the coordination of ZECHE 1 under the direction of the new artistic director.

 K.HAUS / Creative.Quartier Wanne (2013–2016) 

On the initiative of Pottporus, the vacant Karstadt building in the shopping street of Wanne became the KHAUS - a roof for the local and regional cultural and creative industries and an open meeting place in the district. In addition to developing the concept, Pottporus is responsible for the construction of the KHAUS from 2013-2016 and organized the project phases "Culture meets neighbourhood" and "Space - Place - People", with which the house established itself as a place of work, platform and district network among urban art players and the public (funded within the framework of the Kreativ.Quartiere Ruhr via ecce - european centre for creative economy by the Ministry for Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport). After the sale of the property by the owner at the end of 2016, the city of Herne and the Herne Economic Development Agency will continue the KHAUS concept on a smaller scale. To the documentation 2013. Dokumentation 2013

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